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Since 1976 H&F Trucks have provided local business with high quality materials handling solutions. For nearly four decades we have achieved steady growth year on year, enabling us to provide superior service to our customers from a stable & sustainable business platform.

Stress can cause lapses in concentration

It’s pretty much a given that in any job, you’re likely to experience a bit of stress at one time or another. But long-term stress can be extremely detrimental to employees’ mental and physical health, and can even be a safety issue at work.

More than 11 million working days are lost each year due to stress and mental health related issues? But for those who work through stress, it can become even more harmful to them. Forklift truck drivers who work in busy warehouse or factory environments, stress could potentially be harmful or at an extreme, fatal.

Sleep deprivation & fatigue

One of the most common consequences of stress is sleep deprivation. Even in the short term, a bad night’s sleep can be extremely detrimental to concentration the following day – some studies have shown that lack of sleep is comparable to having a couple glasses of wine. You wouldn’t let someone operate forklift trucks under the influence of alcohol, so why would it be safe for someone who has the same concentration level and decision making prowess through lack of sleep?

We’ve seen the signs on the motorway that warn tiredness can kill, and operating a forklift truck is no different. Not only could stock, machinery, racking and even buildings themselves be damaged by a wrong move, but pedestrians are at an even higher threat.

Lapses in concentration

Long-term stress also results in severe lapses in concentration. If forklift truck drivers are distracted because they’re worrying about something or stressed about a particular problem, they aren’t focused on the task at hand. This can easily result in mistakes, forgetting important safety checks, and running on autopilot when operating equipment. It only takes a small misstep to result in expensive damage and potentially life changing injuries.

Managing stress in the workplace

It’s really important that employers create a culture where employees feel they can speak to someone if they are worried or stressed – even if it isn’t related to work. Employees should be given time off for stress related health concerns and check that they are fit to work before being thrown back in the driver’s seat. Taking steps to reduce stress in the workplace can reduce the risks of accidents and can foster a calm, productive and happy place for people to work!

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H&F have supplied us with all our fork lift equipment for in excess of ten years now, and have maintained it in accordance with our stringent operation requirements. During this time they have provided a consistently high level of service (including short term hire when required) whilst never failing to support us in a totally honest and professional manner.

Ashley Basset, Director
R G Bassett & Sons Ltd

H&F Lift Trucks are a pleasure to deal with. All staff, Technicians, Sales and Directors have hands-on experience of all ranges of vehicles they supply. From initial assessments and listening to all users of a potential new vehicle requirement, they keep us informed of all aspects of specification and lead times through to delivery. Their maintenance service is superb – they organise suitable times around our busy working day with our Yard Managers. Any accidental damage or operator error faults are always discussed with me and dealt with fairly – not like some unscrupulous suppliers who seek to profit at every service visit! In a cut-throat market, where we are offered “good deals” a few quid cheaper every day, we are never tempted to stray.

James Hipkins, Managing Director

Pym and Wildsmith have been working closely with H&F Fork Trucks for many years. Their service is excellent, ranging from prompt callouts to breakdowns through to the supply of new trucks. We would not hesitate to recommend them.

Ian Pym, Operations Manager
Pym & Wildsmith

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